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Color, color, color. Color has been fascinating to me for as long as I can remember. Always drawn to flowers, rainbows, textiles, paint & anything with vibrant color, it has become the key ingredient in all of my art work. I love to play with it, whether it be yarn, paint or the garden. There is no color that I dislike!

I began knitting in junior high, and have been knitting off and on since then. With many projects and years behind me, I was gifted a pattern & yarn for a pair of felted slippers and it went so smoothly, I was hooked. I love the way felting changes the texture & characteristics of knitted fabric, making it stronger and more durable; and how it melds color changes into soft transitions.

I then began to knit lace, and became fascinated with the way a combination of stitches can make a beautiful pattern of leaves, vines, cables or other shapes in the fabric. Recently, I have been learning to weave, and will be bringing my woven creations to market when I feel they have achieved perfection.

My favorite part of the process is taking all the yarn in my stash and spreading it out, then trying different color combinations while dreaming up new patterns to showcase those colors. Sometimes a found button, pin or object is the inspiration for a new piece.

In the gallery, you will see examples of my felted handbags which are what I have been spending the most time on lately.

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Corey Hiseler